Like and Share (lyrics)

Like    and   Share 

This place is a huge jungle

The biggest theater of life

A virtual world that talks about reality

Hidden somewhere in your head

Buried deeply in your heart

You can be yourself

But you can be much so much more

You can hide every complexes

That complicate your entire life

Whatever you say

They will like and share


You couldn’t be what you wanted to be

Spending all this time crying

‘Cause they didn’t like

What you shared

Now you can show what you wanted to be

You can just stop crying now

Write those never-ending words

And they’ll like and share


So welcome to this jungle

Share and like this new born life

You can Laugh Out Loud

Without a smile on your face

Create a new circle of friends.

You never thought you could meet

so many many many, many, new friends.

You can delete them if they don’t like you

Like and share your feelings

Like and share about your family

Open and close your account

Delete, delete, delete them all





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